Posted by: thebuzzonbees | January 22, 2012

Loadsa Stuff

I really should start posting more, so i’m actually gonna try and make an effort to post more. Quite a bit has happened recently with my hives. I have one hive which was really strong. its been queenless for over a month, all my attempts to get them new queen have been rejected. So I’ve built up a nuc which I’ll join with them.

I extracted honey a week or so ago. The hive it came from decided to be aggressive and give me 80 stings fortunately only 10 went through. With all the bad weather recently the bees haven’t brought in as much honey as expected. Fingers crossed for a proper summer over February.

I’ve read some interesting articles, one being about scientists discovering a parasitic fly that causes the same symptoms as CCD, honestly I think the scientists are trying to hard to find a cause for CCD that they’re bending the facts to suit the theories.

2 frame extractor being loaded.

2 frame extractor being loaded.



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