Posted by: thebuzzonbees | October 1, 2011

History of Beekeeping Part. 3

German forest beekeepers working in 18th century. Reproduced from J.G Krunitz.





















Hey well i haven’t posted in a week so i figured it was time to do one.

This picture is of two German beekeepers. At this point (1774) forest beekeeping was the norm. One would climb up a tree and remove a panel revealing the hive. They would proceed to cut combs out. The beekeeper to the left if you look closely is smoking a pipe to calm the bees whilst the one on the right is using a veil.

In England this was also the norm but with so many forests being owned by the crown. The beekeepers were forced to conceal the hives carefully often by cutting the panel out of bark and carefully putting it back in.



  1. Beekeeping has been around for centuries and I hope it does stay on for future generations to come. Bees do play a role in keeping us alive.

    • Amen. Thanks for the comment. If i have my way bees will be around for centuries.

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