Posted by: thebuzzonbees | September 21, 2011

Are we right?

I believe that we are beekeepers for a reason. But i believe that we should not be beekeepers but more bee-guardians it is our duties as beekeepers to maintain the bee community after all we as “beekeepers” and humans are the ones responsible for the destruction of bees. It is we who place chemicals within the hives, it is us that regularly take honey more than the bees can spare for something as simple as money. Something as dangerous as money. We are sacrificing our bees for money when it should be the other way round. The destruction of the bee community is as much if not more our fault. We developed frames that inhibit natural comb production. We place foundation within the hive that has gone through multiple hives possibly bearing disease and chemicals. Bees have been around millions of years longer than us and yet we seek to control them. They have evolved alongside plants and one cannot be without the other, yet we seek to destroy this perfect relationship for dirty money. It is no wonder bees are dying around the world.

We must listen to the bees and act accordingly, do what they require not we want for honey.

We are responsible for it, the public is grown on misconceptions which are not their fault. If bees are so important to us then why are we killing them?

“…the only conclusion to which one can come, is that the principles on which the whole structure of modern apiculture are based must be at fault, in either one or more important directions.” A Gilman (talking in relation to the loss of bees)

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